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Discovering a Love of Hiking in Arizona

JD is settling in and she is discovering a love of hiking in Arizona.  She is trading corn stalks for cactus and getting out to explore the new setting. Expanding her comfort zone, JD started hiking through the Sonoran trails. She was excited to share her newfound love of hiking through Arizona. As she shared her photos she took earlier this week with me and other Gal, M, her enthusiasm was contagious.  As we talk about our week every Saturday morning, we share photos to each other, cheer each other on, make inappropriate cactus jokes….all the things we used to do sitting across from each other on our back patios, swiping through our phones over wine or coffee. Now the only difference is we are hundreds of miles apart.

It’s difficult making such a huge move, but JD talked about feeling so accomplished since its something so new to her and being able to accept that challenge. It’s invigorating for her to be wandering among nature’s beautiful landscape. Day by day she is discovering a love of hiking. What started out as a little exploration turned to hiking through the McDowell Mountains.

JD discovered a new app, Maprika, that shows all of the trails in the U.S. so she downloads the one she’s at, and gains the confidence to keep going since it tracks her location on the trail. It’s like being lost in nature’s beauty, but still not really getting lost! With every new trail she explores, she is motivated to keep exploring new trails.


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