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Celebrating 8,000 Twitter Followers

Update on our Twitterverse from Zanne: We launched in April 2017 and in October 2018 we hit 8,000 Twitter Followers, so we posted our top 8 photos. Now it’s December 2019 and we are about to double our followers and hit 16,000!

To celebrate hitting 8,000 Twitter Followers we are posting our Top 8 photos on social media from 2018. We never expected to have such an amazing community in our Twitterverse when we started WhereGalsWander.  We are both appreciative and grateful to have so much support, and just want to say thank you! If you aren’t following us on Twitter yet, you can catch us at GalsWander. 

To celebrate, we are posting our eight most popular photos from our social media.

Fuel my fire for Wanderlust. As we reach the weekend, it burns stronger. Joshua Tree National Park
Morning hike through Dubrovnik, Croatia through the city wall walk to take in the views. Many of the sights I passed were also seen in Game of Thrones
Labor Day weekend spent snorkeling in LaJolla. A stingray and this seagull followed me wherever I went
The Arch of Titus in the Roman Colosseum. Some say this was the inspiration for the Arc De Triomphe in Paris
Visiting a little village in the mountains of Bukowina, Poland
There is so much beauty in out in the country in Austria. I am loving the lakes, the mountains, the forests… (Brietenwang, Tirol, Austria)
Thinking the wish I made in the Trevi Fountain in Rome is about to come true!
What are you going to do this weekend? Hiking through the Santa Monica Mountains


Zanne is the Founder, Editor, Administration, and Publisher of WhereGalsWander along with the title of Chief Trouble Maker. Blame her for everything.

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