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Capturing a COVID World in Photos

Trying to Capture the Surrealness of COVID19

I’m also capturing a Covid World in photos because it’s hard to capture the surrealness of COVID19 into words. While my article Corona in California and Things To Do During COVID describes what Los Angeles was like March-May, capturing a COVID World in Photos shows you what I saw (or didn’t see) during the time of COVID19. What would have been my boring, everyday world is now an album of this bizarre twist of my life. A series of reminders that the world is in the throughs of a pandemic crisis. I’m letting the pictures speak for themselves to document a odd, troubling time in history.

Capturing COVID in Photos in California

1. Capturing Hollywood in Corona Quarantine

Trolls remained the movie of choice for far too long on the marquee
The iconic shopping center at Hollywood and Highland
Ripley’s Museum in Hollywood
Hollywood Stars Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard
Netflix Global Headquarters in Los Angeles.

2. Capturing The Empty Streets of LA in COVID19

No LA Traffic
Highway signs reminding everyone to social distance
A closed and empty Disney Concert Hall
A closed and empty Broad Museum
Empty Downtown City Streets
Downtown LA Arts District
Not even the influencers are out
Covid in LA Arts District
A sign for Covid Disinfection

3. Photos of Beaches in Corona Lockdown

To see which beaches are currently open in California click here.

Empty Venice Boardwalk
Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach

4. Finding Things To Do During COVID

Trying not to go crazy? Or just want to see more photos of Los Angeles as the quarantine lockdown began to lift? Check out my personal essay of how I tried to keep my sanity during this time of Corona in California.



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